The Advantages of Buying a Pre-Owned Commercial Vehicles and Equipment

Whether you are operating a construction business, need equipment and fleet vehicles for your municipality, or lack adequate equipment for your business, deciding how to spend your money wisely can be a bit of a challenge.

Naturally, your first instinct might be to purchase new. There’s the “wow” factor of having a shiny new piece of heavy-duty equipment or truck. You should know, however, that going this route comes with substantial costs, taxes, and immediate depreciation.

But there is another option. Art’s Trucks and Equipment in McAllen offers quality pre-owned equipment and heavy-duty municipal trucks that can help you get the job done right at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new vehicle.

And that’s not the only benefit. Take a look at 7 advantages of pre-owned commercial vehicles and equipment.

1. Cost-Effective Options

At Art’s Truck and Equipment, we know how much of an effect purchasing new equipment can have on your business. If the unfortunate happens and business slows down for some time, the value of having a new work truck or piece of equipment may not turn out like you expected.

But when you purchase a pre-owned commercial truck, you are saving thousands of dollars that can be used toward purchasing other equipment you need, maintenance on other fleet vehicles, or even used towards expanding your business.

Don’t think you need to sacrifice quality either. Our pre-owned vehicles are well maintained and will provide reliable service for plenty of years to come.

2. Grow Your Business

Purchasing pre-owned equipment and heavy-duty trucks also comes with the benefit of being able to bid on projects much faster. While you are saving and waiting to purchase a new truck, you are losing out on work opportunities.

When you purchase pre-owned from Art’s Truck and Equipment, you can get to work immediately, which will help you to gain experience and build up your reputation as a quality contractor.

Don’t let buying new machinery stop you from growing your business.

3. Lower Ownership Costs

Pre-owned machinery and commercial vehicles maintain their value if well maintained. If you end up deciding to sell it once again, you can potentially recoup the amount that you paid for it. Just keep in mind that regular maintenance is essential as well as documentation of any work done.

At the same time, you will be able to deduct the equipment or truck as a business expense. Or if you decide to build up your available equipment and fleet, you’ll be able to handle more jobs and increase your business’s income.

4. Lower Insurance Costs

The cost of insuring used equipment and work trucks is generally lower than insuring a new purchase. Insurance companies decide the cost of your premium on the replacement cost of your commercial vehicle or equipment. Since the replacement cost will be lower, the overall cost of insurance will be lower as well.

5. Less Cash Flow Tied Up

One of the biggest issues for a growing company, when it comes to purchasing a new municipal truck or heavy-duty machinery, is the cash flow that gets tied up in paying off the new purchase. This can inhibit you from making additional purchases or business moves that can actually help you to grow your business.

On the other, since pre-owned equipment comes at a fraction of the cost, you’ll have that additional cash to hire new employees, purchase other business essentials, or invest in marketing.

6. Avoid Depreciation

It’s an unfortunate reality, but new heavy equipment and trucks depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot, and substantially within the first year – anywhere between 20 to 40 percent. This means that if you decide to sell it off, even after just a year of use, you won’t get anywhere near the amount that you initially paid for it.

When you buy pre-owned, you avoid that initial depreciation, and if you decide to resell, you can get a lot closer to your purchasing price.

7. Get It When You Need It

As mentioned before, a lot is riding on the equipment and vehicles you have at your disposal. If you buy new, you’ll have to place your order, wait for the vehicle to get to you, and deal with any potential defects and safety recalls – all which will limit your ability to jump on a work opportunity.

On the other hand, Art’s Truck and Equipment has the inventory you need in stock and on our lot. Get to work immediately!

Quality name brand commercial trucks and heavy duty machinery are available at a reasonable price, here at Art’s Trucks and Equipment in McAllen.

For over four decades, Art’s Trucks and Equipment has helped companies add reconditioned, quality name brand commercial vehicles to their fleets. Contact us today at (956) 686-2326 or (956) 618-4600 for more information about the vehicles and services we provide.

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